Hamed Farahani Manesh Holonic Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis

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Hamed Farahani Manesh Holonic Manufacturing Systems Design and Analysis


This book, therefore, addresses the issue of how manufacturing information can be modeled and verified in the design and implementation of HMS. Holonic Manufacturing Systems is one of the widely accepted approaches to counteract the above developments. The manufacturing industry has to respond to rapidly changing markets more often and much faster than ever before. This manufacturing competition has acted as a driving force for employing modern manufacturing systems to achieve agility. The requirements analysis of such highly complex control systems is costly, time consuming, and requires a lot of experience to mitigate potential risks of failure. A key goal is to make the manufacturing equipment, associated information systems and control architecture of an agile manufacturing enterprise as responsive to the physical and logical disturbances as possible. The overall book recommends that the integration of VM into the manufacturing modeling helps to improve information requirements..?

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