The Rules of Modern Policing - 1973 Edition

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The Rules of Modern Policing - 1973 Edition


A fascinating historical document has now emerged which shows that there were indeed rules and in 1973 they were recorded on paper by none other than DCI Gene Hunt himself? Dont move. Youre surrounded by armed bastards. Divided into ten sections, The Rules of Modern Policing - 1973 Edition covers everything from interrogating suspects and undercover operations to driving and dress code. Several of the rules are illustrated with diagrams, and photographs of DCI Hunt himself illustrate the more physical parts of the job: how to hit suspects so you dont leave a mark; how to signal the importance of your arrival by crashing into inanimate objects (cardboard boxes are a perfect example here - lots of noise; no damage to your motor); how to roll over the bonnet of your cortina without making a... Viewers of Life on Mars could be forgiven for thinking that the police force of the 1970s lived by the maxim The rules are: there are no rules, yet it turns out that this was not the case.

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