Chinmaya Padhy and Debabrata Sen Ship Route Optimization

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Chinmaya Padhy and Debabrata Sen Ship Route Optimization


By application of optimal control theory in conjunction with hydrodynamics and weather forecasting tools, most economical and safe route can be charted. I hope the detailed and practical oriented nature of this book will be helpful... This work focuses on development of a practical ship routing algorithm which can be used by ship navigators using on-board computers during a voyage, and routing decisions can be made as the voyage progresses. But most of them appear to concentrate on theoretical development related to the algorithm rather than the algorithm itself. Optimization of ship routes is an important consideration in maritime industry. Also these works do not provide any optimized sea-routes but only solutions to the idealized problems! The possible reason for limited detail on the actual algorithm that is used by ship navigators may be the commercial and proprietary nature of such algorithm. Although a large volume of work is available addressing the ship-weather-routing problem.

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