Mahender Singh Colonialism and Agriculture

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Mahender Singh Colonialism and Agriculture


The book is an attempt to view of agriculture in the South-East part of the Punjab Province during the Colonial Rule and identify the broad trends in agriculture.This area had a distinct identity as a sub-region and being predominated by agriculture and has been seen as ‘backward’ in comparison to the rest of the Punjab Province. No systematic and detailed study of this area during this period has been undertaken so far and the political experience of this area has been different and rather bitter because of its earlier annexation in 1803,whereas the other area of Punjab was annexed in 1849.This was clearly underlined in the policy of Colonial State after 1857 revolt;because the people of this area had enthusiastically participated in this revolt.Hence,present attempt aims at the detailed study of this area for the complete understanding of political,social and economic history of the South-East Punjab.The book mainly traces the introduction and agricultural geography of the...

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