Gudrun Anita Heeren African Farming and Health Outcome

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Gudrun Anita Heeren African Farming and Health Outcome


Controls were chosen from the same area as the cases. A case­control study was conducted to investigate the association between pesticide exposure and congenital malformation in babies born to rural women! Politicians might want to read this book to understand the need for subsidies and training for rural women who conduct field and garden work to reduce their... This book will give insight into the lives of ordinary rural African women who support their family working in their field and garden growing vegetables, using pesticides, dipping animals and carrying water from a river or communal tap. The research methods have been described in detail. Scientists and students considering conducting research in Sub-Saharan Africa might use this book as guidance on how to conduct research in this setting. The results of the study show a statistically significant association linking pesticide exposure as a result of field work, dipping or re-use of plastic containers to birth defects.

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Куликова Г. Банановое убийство

Андрей Сочивко, Светлана Белорусцева Чудеса микромира

Кричевский, Никита Александрович Экономика во лжи. Прошлое, настоящее и будущее российской экономики

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