Fannie Flagg Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man

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Fannie Flagg Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man


Whats more she tells us everything - from what (or who) made her Daddy and Momma split up to what is really stashed in the freezer of the familys malt shop. Theyre all part of the fun that takes us down home, back to the 50s, and into the best story ever written east of Texas... Daisy Fay is coming of age in the Gulf Coasts Shell Beach, which is The End of the Road of the South, but a dandy place to meet the locals like hard-drinking Jimmy Snow, former debutante Mrs Dot and Daisys own Daddy. Fannie Flagg takes us on a journey to a South that only Southerners know, to a time when Blue Velvet was played at the Senior Prom, and into the life of Daisy Fay Harper, a sassy, truth-telling heroine who just cant stay out of trouble.

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Кондрашова Н.А. Испанский язык. Книга для учителя. IX класс: пособие для учителей общеобразоват. организаций и школ с углубл. изучением испанского языка

Hutchings At the End of the American Century

Крогиус Н., Гутцайт Л. Борис Спасский. Том 1

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