Zlatko Milisa and Mirela Tolic How to acquire media competences?

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Zlatko Milisa and Mirela Tolic How to acquire media competences?


The most important thing in the analysis of the role of the Internet is to detect positive and negative sides of the Internet and to make a key question: who uses the Internet and for what purpose. Internet is not only a revolution in learning and communication, but more and more a powerful tool for manipulation, abuse and organization of demonstrations and revolutions. In this way, boundaries between reality and fiction are being erased, and Internet expedites those demands, especially for young people and children. The sophisticated media demands put in front of a (young) person are social risks, fear of life, and creating the prerequisites for escape from this world into the world of virtual societies. This work actualizes the question of media manipulations, young people and childrens addiction to electronic media, and the question when (their) cares for others start to „die“ with the Internet.

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Маслова Т., Суходский А. Математика. Полный справочник для школьников 5-11 классы. Весь школьный курс

Gogol Nicolai Diary of a Madman and Other Stories

Земля. Подвижная твердь

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